One Man’s True Story Of Life In The “Capital Of Racism”

The Author spent almost Forty years living in five areas of Liverpool- this is his story.

Words hurt- we all probably know this from our childhood playground taunts of “fatty”, “shorty”, “ginger”, “spotty”, “darkie” and many more vulgar taunts that children use against each other in the playground.  In our adult life, some of us still use “hate” words when in confrontation.  “My true story is not about words, it is about the worse racial violence you can imagine- a violence so destructive that it tore our family to pieces and destroyed our childhood.  In adulthood we would go on to develop mental illness, anger and even suicide. This is the true impact of real racism- the place, Liverpool in the United Kingdom”.

Based on the lives of one family living in Liverpool from the mid 1970s to 2015.  Written by one man who witnessed the violence and rage while living in five areas of Liverpool for almost Forty years.  The author tells the shocking story of his families torment in a City rife with racism.  This book will cover my families life while living in Tuebrook, Croxteth, Huyton, Page Moss and Broadgreen.

marlborough road (2)
Marlborough Road, Liverpool. Scene to unbelievable racial violence against my family

Racism in Liverpool is still as active as it has always been.  Yes, there are new laws in place that did not exist when I was a child growing up in Liverpool during the 1980s with my brothers, sister and parents.   These new laws tell you what you are and aren’t allowed to say but unfortunately they cannot tell you what you are and aren’t allowed to think and they have no control over the way you react to those thoughts with rage and violence.

west derby school (3)
West Derby Comprehensive School Mill Bank, Liverpool. I attended here for several years as did my brother’s. We suffered the worst violence and abuse at this school.

The areas I spent my childhood in such as Tuebrook, Croxteth, Huyton, Dovecot and Broadgreen were lawless areas, in other words the majority of the people that resided in those areas during the 1980s had no regard for the law or what it stood for, as I will go on to show later in this book.  The law had no interest in the racism problem that existed within this City as racism was out of control and had eroded not only the minds of the Liverpool residents but also the establishments that should have been there to prevent it such as the schools, Police and indeed the local authorities.

“After years of suffering in the hands of these racists, the affect on your’s and your families lives is beyond all realization”.

My three brothers somehow survived into older years although unfortunately each of them now has their own issues with mental illness as a direct result of their childhood suffering in Liverpool. The oldest suffers from severe OCD and Paranoia.  The second oldest suffers from Schizophrenia and has since released himself from a mental health hospital ward and fled.  The third youngest suffers with extreme aggression and paranoia and has moved away after being evicted by the courts for retaliating against his aggressors and no longer has contact with his family.  My sister leads a normal life although she was the youngest and so was probably the least affected.

hooded man.jpg
The torment, aggression and self hate stays with you into your adult life. Moving- on is not possible because your childhood is a major part of your life and has been taken apart and destroyed

“As a child you do not see racism for what it is, neither do you realise the actual damage it does to you- damage that will reminisce in your later years.  After a while you begin to accept it, believing it to be normal”

Right now you are probably thinking “what about you? Did you escape with just cuts and bruises”? Unfortunately the answer to your question is no- I have spent many years fighting Bipolar Disorder.  I have undergone session after session of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy to control my bouts of anger and I take a long string of medications.  Although, I am glad to say I no longer live in Liverpool and my physical pain and torment is over. Now I spend every day dealing with the mental scars that still remain and the haunting dark nightmares of the past that invade my every dream.

“My childhood memories are shattered and are now replaced with nightmares of suffering and distress”.  

Liverpool Racist Woman Today (Mother’s Day Out 2015)

Bootle, Liverpool- RACIST ATTACK 2017 White thugs attack muslim migrant with meat cleaver in Bootle Liverpool 2017 (Warning Graphic Content)

If you suffer racist attacks and live in Liverpool then please drop me a line as I would love to hear your story. Meanwhile, you may want to take a look in our NEWS SECTION at all the racist horrors of Liverpool as they happen- if you want your story added then please drop me a line!

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