Several Horrific Racism Cases The Liverpool Tour Guides Won’t Show You!

CCTV captures moment before youths launch vicious attack on Liverpool shopkeeper

Nicholas Walker, prosecuting, said the victim is Sri Lankan and told them he was not from Pakistan, but this “was lost on the males, who continued with their racist abuse”. He said: “Each of the defendants kicks or stamps on him when he is on the floor. At least one of them seems to be recording it on their phone.  “Witness Matthew McClaren recalled how “it seemed that p*** was every other word” used by the gang and they said “stay down you dirty p***”.

Mr Siththampalam later underwent surgery for multiple fractures to his jaw and eyes, with metal plates inserted in his face.

Mr Walker said: “He described himself as a man who always supported himself and his family but the attack made him feel like committing suicide.”

Murder hunt after shopkeeper shot dead

Mr Saeed, who has one teenage son with him in England but has most of his family in his native Yemen, had only been subletting Carol’s Newsagents, on Page Moss Parade, for less than a year.It is believed he had only recently installed CCTV inside the shop after coming under racist attacks from local yobs. Those tapes are now in the hands of the police, who had sealed off the area around the shopping parade and were searching for clues.

Liverpool racist attack gang jailed for 25 years after attack on black family

This is one of the worst attacks that I have heard of. It happened about half a mile from Dovecot Shops- I was attacked here myself but luckily I retaliated and the racists backed off- The police said they would investigate as they have a special division called SIGMA. In truth the investigation was dropped as they did not have enough evidence to find the attackers- I later investigated myself and found that there was indeed CCTV in the area where the attack occurred- when I informed the police of this they were not interested.

Liverpool family is targeted by racist yobs in Croxteth

Mrs Thekkan, a senior carer, said when she gets the bus to go to her job in a nursing home she is taunted with racism abuse. As a result, she said she and her family keep going out to a minimum in case they come across abuse.

Tearfully, she added: “We lived in Peterborough before we came to Liverpool. I never felt there was racism in this country.

Family hounded by race hate gang

The couple, who met as nurses in Liverpool, have suffered four attacks culminating with a gang smashing every window in their car and trying to force their way into the family home.

CCTV appeal over horrific racist attack in Norris Green

The victim of the assault, a 38-year-old, received significant injuries to his upper body and head. He was taken to hospital where is condition is described as serious but stable. The three CCTV stills have been released as the investigation continues.