Old Home in London
This is our first home in the UK. My dad would work two jobs to keep the roof over our head and food on the table but times were hard and we would soon be leaving to start a new life in Europe. It was 1964.
Croxteth Cottages (now demolished). Our first “Liverpool Home”. It was 1974 and I was nine years old. At the time we were totally unaware that within a few months we would be at war


Old Home Green Lane
This is Green Lane in Liverpool opposite the old Coconut Grove Night Club. We were attacked two or three times a week at this house. The huge front bay windows were constantly hit with bricks. We would each take turns to keep vigil at the top bedroom windows so that we would have some notice of when we would be attacked!
abc cinema 2
The old ABC Cinema on the corner of Green Lane and West Derby Road. My father would take me here to see “Sinbad and The Eye of The Tiger”- I was eleven years old.
coconut grove (2)
The Coconut Grove nightclub on Green Lane (1978) in Liverpool. This club was opposite our home. After the club closed on a Friday or Saturday night the gangs would spill out, crossing Green Lane and then wage racist attacks on our home, smashing the windows and chanting racial abuse- we had no option but to retaliate as the Police were powerless and uninterested.
lister drive school
Lister Drive School just off Green Lane in Liverpool. I attended here in 1974 aged ten
Parkway School in Huyton
This is Parkway Comprehensive School in Stockbridge, Huyton, Liverpool. Now demolished to make way for new homes. This school was the scene of some horrific racial violence. 

west derby school (3)

West Derby Comprehensive School in Mill Bank, Liverpool (since demolished and now a Park) was the scene of some of the worst racial abuse and violence. I was pushed through a plate glass window by racists at twelve years of age and then accused by teachers of causing criminal damage?


marlborough road (2)
Marlborough Road, Tuebrook, Liverpool. I referred to this road in my book after one of the worst attacks on my family.
Tuebrook Police Station, Liverpool. I was abducted outside this Police Station (while walking to meet my friend at nearby Newsham Park) by two West Derby School racist pupils who attempted to take me to the nearby desolate railway lines. Luckily a man helped me to escape them after seeing how distressed I was. They had a knife to my back and said they had plans for me- I was twelve years old.
Racist youths burning a cross in Liverpool (tactics used religiously by the KKK)
famagusta 2015 (2)
Happier Times in Famagusta, Cyprus. I lived here with my family from 1970- 1973 and returned to the UK (to settle in Liverpool) before the Cypriot Turkish invasion of 1974.

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Several Horrific Racism Cases The Liverpool Tour Guides Won’t Show You!

One Man’s True Story Of Life In The “Capital Of Racism”

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