About The Author

The author is at the time of writing this, Fifty Two years of age and was born in London in August of 1964.

This is me, The Author of the book aged just three years old with my cat Rosie

After coming to the United kingdom from Europe our family decided to settle in Liverpool where we spent almost Forty years at war with the racists that decided to make our lives a living hell on earth.  I and my brothers and sisters were born in London and moved to Europe with our parent’s before coming back to the United Kingdom in 1973. My mother and father are European born.

varosha famagusta
This is Famagusta, Cyprus. We lived her until 1973 after being informed that Turkey would invade- one year later they did and we lost our home. We returned to the UK and settled in Liverpool.

My childhood schools were Lister Drive Junior School, West Derby Comprehensive School, and Parkway Comprehensive School. Racism was rife within the walls of these schools during the 1980s and there was no respite.  My book will take you right into what life was really like within these schools for myself, my brothers and sister in the hands of the racist pupils that roamed the corridors, the school yard and the streets.  With nowhere to run, nowhere to hide and an education system that protected the racist we were doomed.

This is a video of Furzedown School in Lambeth, London (my birthplace). I attended this school up until I was six years old. In 1970 we left London to start a new life in Cyprus- the Turkish invasion was imminent and we left Cyprus in 1973, returning to the UK to settle in Liverpool.

I fear how many other families have suffered in Liverpool during the 1980s or indeed are still suffering today.  If you are one of them then I hope that this book will somehow help you to come to terms with your torment and help you to realise that you are not alone in your suffering.  If you are a parent or a teacher then I hope that this book will open your eyes so that you can share what you have read with your pupils or your children so that some day this terrible stigma will come to an end and people of all ethnicities will be able to live in Liverpool regardless of skin colour, culture or beliefs.

I truly hope that you will join me on this journey.

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