Liverpool- The Capital of Racism

I and my family lived in Liverpool in the UK for over forty years and in that time we were subjected to the worse violent racism you can imagine.

Now for the first time I am breaking the silence to tell you what really happened and how a militant City allowed this horror to continue- the Police were powerless.

Racism is not over in Liverpool by far. It is by my testimony the most violent racist city in the world and should never have been awarded the Capital of Culture. Liverpool opposes the culture of any non- white person.

With over forty years experience of this daily fight for survival I am releasing my new book- over three hundred pages of the most violent racist horror. Most people today refer to racism as “words of hate”. This book goes far beyond words to a place that only holds darkness, pain, torment and suffering………….


Author: mylifeliverpool

The author is 52 Years old and spent almost 40- years living in Liverpool with his family. Liverpool is in the United Kingdom.

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